Disappear to Dunk

Come, stay and relax on your own little piece of paradise at Dunk Island for as little as $6.15 per night per person.  Dunk Island offers fantastic camping facilities with one of the best outlooks you could wish for as well as all year round protection from the wind on either side of the spit area.

There are eight camp sites to choose from.  Four family sites on the beachfront along each side of the spit equipped with picnic tables and tent space.  These sites cater for up to 8 people.


Be Prepared

Facilities :

  •  Drinking Water (tap)

  •  Flushing Toilets

  •  Hot Showers

  •  Gas Barbecues (BYO BBQ lighter)

  •  Picnic Tables on each site

  •  Camp Site Surface - Sand

  •  Telstra & Optus mobile reception

  •  Pets - PROHIBITED

  • Open Fires & Generators - PROHIBITED

  • REMOVE ALL OF YOUR RUBBISH either on your own vessel or on the Water Taxi - help keep our National Parks perfect  :)

Be Safe

Dangerous stinging jellyfish may be present in coastal

To enjoy a safe visit to the Family Islands, please:

  • Take care on loose, slippery and uneven walking track surfaces, particularly in wet conditions.

  • For your safety, walk in daylight hours only.

  • Always carry water, wear hats and sturdy footwear and try to walk in the cooler part of the day.

  • As you walk, rest often in the shade as heat exhaustion can affect all walkers.

  • Access to the resort's airstrip is strictly prohibited—do not enter this area.

  • The resort’s lease area, including buildings, are private property and access is not allowed.

  • Wear sunscreen and cover up when you are swimming or snorkelling.

  • Be aware of wind, current direction and tides.

  • Dangerous stinging jellyfish ('marine stingers') may be present in the coastal waters during Stinger Season (warmer months)

  • Know your own health limitations for safe snorkelling—do not put yourself and others at risk and always snorkel with a buddy so that help is at hand.

Be Good!

Domestic animals are not permitted on Family Islands National Park or on tidal lands adjacent to Family Islands National Park within the Great Barrier Reef Coast Marine Park. Tidal areas include beaches, rocks and mangroves.

Help to keep the park in a natural state.

  • Everything in the park is protected. Please leave everything as you found it.

  • Do not feed wildlife—it can affect the natural population balance.

  • Leave your pets at home—domestic animals are not permitted in national parks or intertidal zones as they disturb native wildlife.

  • Lighting of fires is prohibited. Bring a fuel or gas stove for cooking.

  • Please stay on the walking tracks at all times—shortcutting damages vegetation and causes erosion.

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Mission Beach, QLD 4852

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