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What is there to do on Dunk Island?


'Growing up here in Mission Beach, to spend a day exploring, adventuring or relaxing on beautiful Dunk Island is my idea of heaven.....'

Nancy Lowe - Owner/Operator Mission Beach Dunk Island Water Taxi


Family Acitivites Ideas

Switch the electric babysitter OFF

Build a sand castle.

Even better, build a drip castle!

Bury Mum or Dad.

Bomb dive off the jetty.

Build a cubby house/shelter out of palm fronds - you know! Like in the movies!!

Collect cat’s eye shells in the shallows with snorkel gear (Mum and Dad will give you 50c a pop!)  That kept me busy for hours as a kid!

Find a bird eating spider on the walks.

Take a blow up tube or toy to play with in Dunk Island’s protected bays.

Give them a rest under a tree.


You are only limited by your imagination and level of interaction with your children.....they will love you for it...

Adult Activity Ideas

Bomb off the jetty! 

Take an esky with a BBQ and beers – we have a beach cricket set and soccer ball to borrow.

Snorkel at Muggy Muggy Beach.

Sit and eat oysters off of the rocks on Coconut Beach.

Walk to the top of Mount Kootaloo and find the Geo Cache and leave a present – for those who have no idea what I’m talking about check it out

Continue on the circuit track and duck into Coconut Beach before returning to the spit.

Take some fishing gear and catch a big one.

Crack a coconut - PINA COLADAS!

Overnight camp on Dunk Island.

At any age, build a shelter!

Relax and enjoy the quiet serenity and watch out for turtles and dugong.

Take a book and read it!

Bird spotting – the feathered ones that is!

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